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Buzzfeed called me a heartless genius in their ‘100 most important cat pictures of all time’. When I ever publish a book I’m definitely taking that out of context on the back cover.


Because of the (bizarre) popularity of this post, I decided to take my camera out so you can actually see what she’s trying to do. You can watch it here.

Make sure to turn your sound on to hear her knocking.



Does anyone else find this… frightening

I am… frightening apparently. 

Look I found this thing where I was a tiny high schooler and illia about a year old. 

Hi everyone, 
I’m sad to say that illia died last night. She had a kind of viral infection that wasn’t noticeable till it was too late. We brought her to the vet when there was blood in her mouth, and they kept her on an IV for two days, but it didn’t help so we had to put her to sleep.
She seemed to calm down when she saw us, and she was so weak that it took hardly any time for her to go. She’s buried in the garden.

Thank you for the kind messages I already got and for showing such an enormous interest during her short but eventful life. 

Fuck. My cat is dying. 
It’s like I’m not even allowed to have good things happen to me, godverdomme.

When my cat first got popular on here there were multiple people saying they wanted to draw her but no one ever did it and from time to time I remember this and get super sad

If they’re willing to give me some of that £400,000 I’ll happily write them an essay about what kinds of emotions Illia was conveying in that picture. I happen to be a specialist in that very tiny field of expertise. 

In 50 years when we all have moved on to telepathic communication I will open an old dusty laptop in the attic and the first thing I’ll see will still be that fucking picture of my cat.

Look who’s in the news! Sort of.

Hapi is on my laptop spying on illia. 

Very practical.

We’re just hanging out, she doesn’t realize that at the same time tomorrow she’ll have a tiny new friend, how exciting!
(the blog on my dash is boyswithbeardswithcats, which is a blog concept everyone will love)

Look at this asshole



I bullied Akinator into remembering my cat, anyone feel like testing it? She’s on it as ‘illia the overdramatic cat’ and I told him she’s sort of famous on fb, youtube and ‘the internet’. She’s also Belgian.




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She’s going on an adventure.